Quick Witcher 2 Thoughts

Let me say I was eagerly anticipating the release of Witcher 2. In many ways my anticipation was well rewarded. The game is beautifully rendered, pacing is well done throughout, and the story is well crafted. The controls are…clunky at best. I was able to get past the first fight much easier than Gabe but I feel his pain. It happens occasionally, when a game gets in it’s own way of being great.

Personally, I had consistent problems with the targeting switching during combat as enemies piled in and when quest lootables were next to a targeted enemy I was swinging away at some guardsman trying to take my hide. One moment I would be swacking one of 3 guys trying to kill me and then *POOF* I am staring at the inventory of someone’s pockets. I can assure you I am not rolling the guys I am killing as I am killing their friends. It would just be rude.

“Hi sorry,” *to sounds of a swords clashing, “but I really must get this bolt of cloth and bit of iron from your dead companion before I continue to trounce you!”

“Oh yes by all means! He does have a bit of coin in the other pocket. Kept it there for a pinch.” *falls over dead from repeated stabbings and a large slash through his chest*

Still, the story is good and the world is beautiful. I’m frustrated enough with the combat and controls that I am taking a break for a bit before going back to it. I know me however, no matter how infuriating the controls, if the story is solid I will persevere through and see it to the end.

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Fan Review for Dragon Age 2

I’ve had the game since March 8th, when it came out. Three+ playthroughs later I think it is time to disect what Bioware did right, what was wrong, and what can be improved. There are going to be spoilers abounding throughout this review. In sections that have spoilers I will designate it at the topic start for those of you wishing to avoid them.

Ultimately, Dragon Age 2 is the story of the central character’s rise from refuge to political powerhouse. Your actions small and large will affect the world you live in. What Dragon Age is not is the same sweeping epic tale of underdog versus a seemingly unstoppable force ala Dragon Age: Origins. Can you the player accept this change? If you have been holding out going, “Hmm not DA:O and that is all I want to play,” then stop now and accept  DA2 isn’t going to fill that void. If you played the game and felt, “Hmmm what else is going on in the world?” read on good ser!


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Kudos to David Gaider, Bioware, and the Gamer Community

*dusts this off* Hi again. *looks around* soo dusty around here isn’t it? I should pop in here more instead of immediately going home to load my games <.< Yes. But look I got motivated to post something!

As you may be aware Dragon Age 2 released on Tuesday March 8th. If you have pondered what has Lenelie been doing; there is your answer. Dragon Age. I’m on play through 3.5 Don’t ask I got bored with the warrior I started and  wanted to make thinges go boom again (<3 mages). I have an extremely long review in  the process and you can expect it sometime next week. (I’ll be spending my weekend trying to get the transmission in my car fixed…wish me luck it doesn’t need replaced)

So, what the hell is this about given my title? Right, so as the game obsessed fan that I am. ( I admit this freely.) I tend to keep up on the forums for my prefered games daily. Right now since I am hot and heavy on Dragon Age 2, thats means a daily bout of forum readings on the social bioware site. There is some I agree with (I’m a Fenris fangirl…) and some I don’t (no I don’t thinks this is the worst game ever and believe it spells the end of all we love and hold dear). However, there are some things which I disagree with on such a level I tend to avoid them all together. Inevitably as the glutton for punishment that I am, I read the post anyways and scroll through the subsequeent replies and scratch my head pondering where I fit into a world holding these same people. (Don’t ask me why game forums make me ponder my place in the universe, its just better we accept it).  This thread was one of those posts done so you can see Mr. Gaider’s reponses.

I read the Original Poster’s complaint and thought…REALY!!!! *coughs* The world is coming to an end, the sky is falling, and the heathens have taken over. As we may be aware I’m a female gamer (no I do not speak for all female gamers) and married (no I do not speak for all married female gamers either or married parental femal gamers…etc). The poster goes on to support that 80% of all gamers are hertosexual males and thus all games should be tailored to make them happy. Hi…you wonder why popular culture thinks gamers are basement dwelling anti-social cretins? Yeah you just put the gamers go mainstream movement back a decade or two.

But I want to instead give kudos to Gaider for his well done response. It was far more civil than I would’ve been able to write. Secondly, I believe the community of gamers on the DA2 social site need some kudos to. I read through the comments. I read well reasoned break downs and rebuttals of the OP’s (original poster) complaint. There were plenty of flames but it was excellent to see the quality of response concerning the logic involved. While I am giving kudos, Bioware you need them for making the dialog system fool proof. You can’t flirt and not know you are flirting.

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Morale, Motivation, and PUGs

The Hub has pointed out to me that I am more willing to raid than I am to run heroics.  He has a point. Enough of a point  I  had to sit down and think about why this is. It is a mantra I give to friends when they have bad groups, when I have bad groups, and when anyone discusses pugging. Which of course means I totally ignore it.

The group makes the experience. 

I have run 5 mans which were absolutely fabulous. Leaving me wishing the tank/dps were on my server and I was able to keep them in my pocket for runs. Then I have runs like my first time in Heroic Deadmines which left me red-faced, reminding myself it is just a game, and the offending person isn’t on my server! My enthusiasm for healing can be charted by these experiences.

Its my morale wall; the bad PUGs drop bring my morale low and accordingly my motivation to PUG drops. It is cyclical. Instead of addressing the adversion to PUGs and perhaps getting friends together and running 5mans I’ve jumped ship and hit raiding. There is a familiarity to raiding and the group struggling together which transends this wall.

I’m raiding again tonight. I’m commited to finishing the dungeon bosses for Lunar Festival Achievement afterwards. This weekend, I’ve promised myself to break the wall and PUG some heroics and get over the fear. The Hub was right and its time I got over it.

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Grace Out the Door

Every expac for WoW sees me leaving a guild on one character or another. In BC I moved my main from my friends’ guild (CV)to one I raided with weekly(EW) and was filled with people I was good friends with. Lich King saw my characters moving from said guild to a splinter guild(WW) when the first imploded over drama. Lich King saw the death of WW and my ultimate movement to Aetherstorm (where my mains aka healers all are still).

To myself it seems like a lot of moment. I don’t like moving guilds. I don’t like the drama it causes or the people who inevitably feel burned. Which is why I will wait until the last possible moment to make a move. It takes my being beyond fed up with a situation to cross the line and /gquit. (more…)

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Healing in Cataclysm

Have you stepped into a dungeon and felt the pain of your mana and thought, “What the HELL?”

I really did have that WTH moment as the first pack was aoe’d down and health started dropping. My mana tanked out and my inner GRRR went off. I really felt the difference the changes to mitigation have made. Xandi and I commiserated the life of disc priests in 5mans.


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Dude Where’s My Tree?

Cataclysm saw a change to the love/hate relationship with Resto Druid’s tree form. No longer are we forced into a barky visage to heal our friends. No longer are we kept from squeezing in some druidy Wrath while healing. A new day has dawned for the Lean Mean Leafy Green Healing Machines. (more…)

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Squees of Joy

As I sit here I can tell you something. Something exciting that made me super duper happy. …wait for it…

The Hub got his account back!

Seeing goblins on my account was enough to motivate him to press on the fact that he didn’t have the game installed at the time of it being hacked, and Blizzard concluded it was through no fault of his own and released the freeze. The Hub promptly ordered his authenticator and used the dial in service as the stop gap until it arrives.

This makes me super happy as we spent the weekend burning through low level content together. I may like goblins but not enough to live a short life again (I’ve done gnome and I’m not going back to the kneecap world view).

We’ve rolled our Hordies on Moon Guard. This of course is taking away from my healing time (although I am leveling a healing pally for his gobby warrior). Zhavi has made 85 and done instances, no heroics yet. My thoughts and experiences are congealing together on that whole change and you can expect it soon. In the meantime I will be going home tonight to dinner and gaming with the Hub! Ahh how I missed it. 🙂

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DragonAge 2 Mythconceptions

The countdown to my next RPG lovefest is slowly ticking away (anything that comes after my Jan. birthday is too far away for my liking) I am (like the fan girl we know I am) keeping up on all the pre-release tidbits that are coming out. Enter Stage Right! (if you get that reference you get a hug) Gamespot’s behind the scenes look at the making of game. Peruse down the comments and you get the normal mishmash of complaints about the game, but a lot of the are easily dispeled and I’m in a mood to cast “Dispel” (more…)

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I know right I’m late? blah blah…

I was actually prepping a post about how due to the economy I wasn’t going to be getting Cata as it would be outside my budget.

Go early Christmas presents though! 🙂

I woke up this morning to The Hub sitting at my desk. “You can either help me download this for you or you can make it hard. But it is being downloaded today.” WEEEEEEE

Thanks all I just wanted to share this moment of joy!

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