The Addon Debate

*tosses hat into the ring*

This is late coming given the date the little wow blogosphere exploded over the topic. But I like to sit back and digest the views of others before throwing my hat in the ring. Mostly, just because I see it one way doesn’t mean the rest of the world does, and sometimes it gives me a fresh perspective. Mostly it makes me talk to my husband about it that then makes me look at it differently. What can I say; I like being married to the devil’s advocate.

Lets start where I started Vonya’s, WoW’s resident Ego ;), post.

I’d like to begin by starting where I agree with Vonya, who was much maligned for her post after reading those comments. Her statement that a player should be able to play the game sans addons is a good one. Why? Well even with the advance release of patches and content to test servers, allowing for mod makers to get a jump on fixing their addons, they still do break. Even if all my add-ons broke today I’d still be able to play the game. My reaction times might be slower but I could still do it and not too shabbily. I may even remember how to watch for tanks building threat instead of trusting to Omen to tell me.

So to sum up. You should regardless of class be capable of playing with the base UI. I’m not asking for your best game face here, just be competent.

Where I disagree:

The definition of addons, and perhaps I disagree less with Vonya and more with the commenters to the post. Specifically, Shatter’s response to Piper. Piper wisely asked how well she would do if Vonya found herself sans n52 game pad. A valid question given then post. So let me define addon as I see it.

An add-on is any program or item that is not either included in the game or needed for game play. A keyboard and mouse are not add-ons because they are required to play the game. A game pad however is an add-on because it is not a basic equipment to run the game. It’s a nice item that lets you add more buttons to push. It also allows you to create macros which break the game. See the users of the G15 gaming keyboard who found out that using the advanced features of their gaming keyboard broke Bliz’s rules by letting the macros play the game for them.

In my humble opinion it’s jsut as bad if you can’t play without a game pad or if you can’t play if your add-ons in game break. The result is the same, you are dependant on an item outside of the basic game to play, without which you are either unwilling or unable to play without.

Please don’t take away that this is a slam in anyway on Vonya or anyone else who plays with a gamepad. Honestly its not, but the attitude expressed by the commentors that there is a difference between a hardware add on and a program add on I find erroneous.

Oddly it wasn’t until I read Vonya’s post and decided while on vacation that I might actually like to get one. Of course I forgot all about it in the hubbub of coming home and getting resettled in. (It takes me awhile to get past the vacation mindset) Mind you my computer desk doesn’t have the area available to put one…anywhere actually. But I brought it up to my hubby along with the comments made and my take on them. I usually don’t bounce post ideas off his head as he doesn’t play anymore and so relating to the game isn’t there so much. *sighs and remembers the halcyon days of raiding with her hubby* But he was right about the meat of the idea being lost.

So I ask you, my super short list of readers. Do you use addons? Can you play without them?

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