Weekend Hunter Fun

Let the record show that Illisan has made level 80. Weee and I did my first pug breaking myself in with VoA 25man. For being in a mix of blues and BT purples I didn’t to too badly.(Bit the bullet bought dual spec and got myself a nice cookie cutter survival to start with) BM is being reserved for my around town spec 😉

Alas, I do not have Office suite at home and haven’t been able to make use of the very spiffy Shandara’s spreadsheets. Work blocks EJ so I can’t be sneaky at work either. *sighs* I’m thinking downloading it to a thumb drive and taking it to work to look at.

With the notes from PTR showing that cats are getting a dps boot I’ve decided not to tame a wolf. They are too ulgy and offend my sense of cute. I missed out on the worgen taming 😦 Bliz has taken away the ability to tame them and I’m ok with that. I don’t need a pet as tall as I am. *shakes head* It is bad enough that draenei are taller than me now…*fumes*

Of course you know…now I have to level my druid 😉

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