Burn Baby Burn!

It is that time of the year! The weather is hot (unbearably so in some places) and the outdoors are calling. Lots of people are taking time out of their gaming and raiding to poke their heads outside of the house/apt. But when is it just a summer vacation from a sign a true burnout? There are a lot of factors that contribute to burnout.

  1. Real life– it happens to the best of us 😉 Sometimes this is in the controlf of the gamer but often times it is not. Look at the rash of WoW bloggers who are putting down not just blogging but WoW as well to instead focus on their RL and family. Life-Game balance is essential.
  2. Progression Walls– if you hit a progression wall this tends to burn people out. Each raid group is different. We all want to break the wall and move on but look closely at the time commitment you are asking your raiders to give to that wall. 6 hrs straight wiping to the same encounter will burn people out.
  3. Attitude– Progression walls (and the hours upon hours spent trying to break them) lead to cranky, catty gamers. Trust me on this! Listening to a raid tear at each other frays the nerves. (I know its not just me.)
  4. Stale Content-Perhaps you have the opposite problem you have been raiding the same content relentlessly and it is on farm now. Your raiders have done the same bosses over and over and over (Naxx caused this for A LOT of people pre-Uld)
  5. Future Content Leaks– I have a RL friend and fellow raider (though not with my raid grp if you are wondering) who finds it hard to be motivated to raid when the patch (including new content, raiding, and gear) is coming up fast. Personally, I blame Blizz for this. Other than wanting to see Yogg down (ok I want my mace, but it is going to be like the Sunwell bow I can just tell!) why fight to get gear you can immediately replace by just doing 5 man content!?! His point is good, it saps the motivation to get the content you are currently in done.
  6. Class Boredom– From experience I can tell you I notice this more with tanks and healers than dps (not to say dps don’t get it but experience tells me it takes longer for them) Take our tank Soulecho, who pointed out this weekend that he has been tanking for 3 yrs now and would like to move to his shaman for our farm content.
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