Season of Giving Part Deux

Wow it is winter around here again huh? Brrrr *grabs a scarf*  Mnmmhhmmmerermmm *pulls scarf down* This might work better. Winter brings us many things, the promise of Batman Arkham City to PC, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, a new Call of Duty, Star Wars: The Old Republic to name a few. It is a good winter to be a PC gamer from your MMO, RPG, FPS, and games which blend their genres.

But winter brings back something extra special to the our gaming world…Child’s Play. The wonderful guys at Penny Arcade began the charity back in 2003 to benefit their local Children’s Hospital in Seattle. Child’s Play has now grown to include Children’s Hospitals outside even the U.S.! Check out their niffy map here. I really love the different ways there are to get involved, purchase something on Amazon, plan or support an event, donate cash,or buy something there is even a text to instantly donate $5.

I will be going with the Greeting Cards this year. I am really horrible about buying cards each year and never sending them out. <.< My poor family would think I was dead if it weren’t for the magic of Facebook. Speaking of…you can hook up with Child’s Play via Facebook or Twitter(@CPCharity).

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Season of Giving

Gamers! It is that time of year when we gamers prove that not only are we geeky but giving as well! Perhaps you haven’t found the perfect charity blending both your geekiness and desire to help. Perhaps you have thought about donating but never have.

Child’s Play

I could espouse to you why I feel Child’s Play is a worthy charity for you to support. Instead, if you have any doubts about what makes Child’s Play such a wonderful and fabulous charity go read the letters here. Essentially, your money goes to buying toys and games for Children’s Hospital. Helping brighten even a little a child’s time there. The letters are more compelling than I will ever be so take a moment and read over a few.

Additionally, it is great to have a charity started by gamers and supported by such a larger gamer community. I know the economy has hit hard, but if you have the ability to give this year, please consider Child’s Play.

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