A Furry Foray Part 1

Delith stood before the Kirin Tor wizard, bedecked in pink robes inlaid with gold. A singular spot between her shoulder blades itching; too much time spent out of her natural form. Delith tried to ignore the urge to shift into bear form which seemed to reside in the itch, the concentration not to change making it difficult to focus on the wizard’s words.

“Essentially, you’ve something to be retrieved from the Nexus? Since Malygos sees fit to replenish his forces within the last expedition’s success hasn’t been…lasting?” Delith inquired, tired of listening to his prater about the vagaries of magic within the Nexus. He had been lecturing on temporal displacement…whatever he meant by that. It was all outside the scope of a druid’s work but then Malygos’ actions were having a profound affect on the natural world, and thus her willingness to intervene.

“Hmm? Yes. As I was stating…” he began again.

“Fine, I suppose you are willing to reward well enough for another expedition. I know a few souls to trust my back with. How large an expedition are you looking to send?” Delith cut him short. Too much time as a bear eroded her natural elven patience.

The wizard snapped a disapproving gaze up to her. There were some benefits to being a night elf in a negotiation. “It should take no more than five and a skilled expedition would likely achieve our goals with but four.”


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