Deus Ex: Human Revolution Well Worth the Wait

In case you were hiding out avoiding the great gaming world, Deus Ex: Human Revolution came out Tuesday. Having loved the original Deus Ex (let’s agree not to talk about Invisible War the sequel, we’ll both be happier that way) I, of course, pounced  Human Revolution with relish. The game has not disappointed.

In the first actual mission of the game Jensen, sitting inside a helicopter, is asked if he wants to go stealth or aggressive and is given weapons according to your response. The moment reminded me a lot of the opening mission for the original. The sequence does a very good job of setting the game’s tone. I went adaptive (I said I was going Stealth but…what was I supposed to do when they saw me and I was out of darts?!?) and really liked it. The first mission felt good keeping me on the ropes in terms of ammo for my bungled stealth attempts (which are my fault and not DE’s as it takes me a bit to get back in the stealthy groove which I now have).  (more…)

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