Fan Review for Dragon Age 2

I’ve had the game since¬†March 8th, when it came out. Three+ playthroughs later I think it is time to disect what Bioware did right, what was wrong, and what can be improved. There are going to be spoilers abounding throughout this review. In sections that have spoilers I will designate it at the topic start for those of you wishing to avoid them.

Ultimately, Dragon Age 2 is the story of the central character’s rise from refuge to political powerhouse. Your actions small and large will affect the world you live in. What Dragon Age is not is the same sweeping epic tale of underdog versus a seemingly unstoppable force ala Dragon Age: Origins. Can you the player accept this change? If you have been holding out going, “Hmm not DA:O and that is all I want to play,” then stop now and accept¬† DA2 isn’t going to fill that void. If you played the game and felt, “Hmmm what else is going on in the world?” read on good ser!


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