Demo Etiquette

If you are standing at a demo playing a game there are certain rules of etiquette you need to follow. It is a short list and relies heavily on a little golden rule and some common sense for spice. In fact, it is one rule with lots of explanation from me.

DO NOT HOG THE GD GAME! *lets out a long slow sigh* Do I need to explain this to you Mass Effect 2 hogger guy? The fact the guys behind you tapped you on the shoulder to ask you to let them play after the demo restarted again should’ve been clue enough for you. Obviously, I am wrong since you went back to playing again, at which point I walked away.

We all waited in line at PAX to play some game. We all understand the desire to keep playing it since you have waited so freaking long to get your hands on it. I really do get the impulse. I get the desire. But you just became the jerk holding everyone behind you up when you don’t stop when your demo is done. You’ve gone from having my sympathies to having my ire. I’m a short woman do you know what they say about short women and tempers? (luckily I don’t have red hair to just make the whole equation worse)

So remember DO NOT HOG THE GAME! play your demo and then move along. Earn brownie points with strangers because you aren’t a dick. Hog the game and earn ire points because you are the dick. A line system only works when everyone plays be the same rules (and honestly thank the Hub I wasn’t in your ear going ” GET OFF THE DEMO!”  because he distracted me with other booths to keep me from it. He knew I’d have done it.)

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