Fabling My Way to a Revolution

I knew I was in trouble when the Hub came in and nonchalantly asked how many times I had beaten DA2. Anytime I have to clarify if he means actually beat the game or (the more likely) how many saves do I have going. Later in the night I sat down to my computer to find Fable 3 had been gifted to me on Steam. Obviously, someone decided I need another game to tide me over until Deus Ex comes out in Aug. (which will hold me over until Mass Effect 3 comes out next March).

Thus far the world is beautiful and engaging. The sheer number of people to talk to, ┬ábefriend, and do quests to sway to my side is incredible. Sometimes dauntingly so. I’m a sucker for a good story and the game does a wonderful job drawing me in from the start and making me care. Almost makes me want to play the other Fable games to see if they are equally well done.

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