Priestly Gear

I truly pondered making this the “omg this is what I wore my first Naxx” post. But thought better of that and decided to give you information on gearing instead. But if you haven’t noticed by now I’d rather find the good info than come up with it on my own. Let others break their backs and calculators coming up with it all so I can reap the rewards! Below are links to your gear guides.

Matticus Newly Minted lvl 80 Gear Guide

Plus Heal Priest Gear Discussion

Dwarf Priest Gear Guide

Loot Rank CoH Spec Priest Guide

I have these posted in this order for a reason: it is the progression of gearing really. Matticus has given us a great guide to getting your foot in the door for raiding. Dwarfy gives us the end guide to where you should be given the current gear in the game. Loot rank is a great tool to weigh the stats you are looking for and filter the gear that best matches what you want. For priests Dwarfpriest has already weighted in holy and disc templates for us to use. Then just filtered by content etc and get results based on what skills you have and what gear you have access to…Brilliant!

As a side I keep two mods to help me in game when looking at an item: Ratingbuster and AtlasLoot. They with on the fly decisions and make sure that just because the stats look better I really am getting the bump I want from any time.

This makes me think a UI post is in the future…

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