Are You a Gear Slacker? (Or How you view your raid)

Well look at Big Bear and Matticus talking loot roles. Well ever one to throw my hat into the ring here we go! See to give a quick summary basically Matt says there are two kinds of players with loot.
The Perfectionist never satisfied there is always bigger and better (my hunter was like this) and the Slacker (bad usage of the word) who sets a gear goal and then passes to other people. Matt contends guilds benefit from both types of players, while B3 expounds on the beauty of being a Slacker which he renames. Btw if you are wondering my Priest…total slacker.

Me? Why am I blogging about this? Why do you care? Wait which am I? I know so many questions let’s tackle them slowly shall we?

First my loot style will flex with the role I am filling. My hunter ,DPS, was always looking for the next gear to put her DPS that much higher. Higher DPS means faster killing, faster killing means faster raids, two night runs become one night runs. See where this is going? Maximizing my dps IS helping the raid group. This is an important point, its not all about personal epeen “Look at me at the top of the dps charts”, if my dps was bad I was contributing to wipes and longer boss fights.
Zhavi on the other hand had had defined goals. Get +2k spellpower, stack all the int I can for crit and rapture returns. (thank you Plus heals for my numbers *hugs priest community*) But after getting some KILLER upgrades to my blue gear (thank you to Brory for passing them to me *kisses* *coughs* eww dwarf) So I made my gear goals. Do I have Best in Slot gear all over the place? Hmmm no. (Of course I totally use the defense that there is much desention in the Priest community over BiS) But I am getting off topic like always. Zhavi has started passing on gear. Well not really passing as you may or may not be aware Leftovers uses a Shroud, Standard, Save method. Think of it as priority Shroud<–Standard<-Save. So I’ve been saving a lot of gear. They are minor upgrades and while of
course I’d like them. Surely I’m not going to take them over someone who needs it more. So I’m…a slacker.

Looking solely at my own behavior I believe it is a function of my role. Perfectionist when my stats can, at times, completely affect the outcome of a fight. Slacker when my stats meet the needs of my role. For B3 he too is a slacker when his stats meet the overall need of his tank role. And while I
believe WW’s Rython and Soulecho to be Perfectionists regardless of making required numbers, I could be wrong (its been known to happen). The idea that it is tied to your role, and that perhaps the psychology of the roles we take affects not just our play style but how we deal with loot fascinates

It ties into a larger issue for me. Do you use your raid solely to benefit yourself or do you raid to benefit your raid? Let me use well myself to illustrate. I don’t have to be the best, I don’t need the pat on the back for topping a heal meter (I play Disc for crying out loud!) but I do like the quiet
satisfaction of a job well done and a tank alive. I don’t mind passing gear to a fellow healer (or back in BC a fellow Hunter *nods to Cruzor*) because it benefits the whole if I do so. I raid to see the end content and be there. It is the camaraderie of getting the job done. I like the people I raid with and I only raid with the people I like. (Though there are more ppl I like than I have characters to raid with). What about you? Is the raid simply a means to an end for you? Are the people disposable? Or is it a larger fabric of people coming together for a goal?

(On a side note Matt made me seriously crave some Dim Sum *sigh*)

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