The Rise and Fall of Goldshire

Down the road from Stormwind, nestled in the lovely Elwynn Forest, lies Goldshire. Perfectly positioned for the traveling adventurer to restock or for the merchant to rest before venturing further into the woods and world beyond. There are cows pastured behind the smithy and even an Abby up the road. But this once quaint town has been transformed into a veritable den of iniquity.

Long have I known that Silver Hand’s Goldshire was a seedy place to be avoided. However, when I returned to Amalya on the Moon Guard server I was surprised when one of my friends warned me to avoid MG’s Goldshire more that even SH’s. Surely it was presumptuous to believe that all Goldshire’s are the same. I was disabused of this notion when I went to the MG realm forums to check into the roleplaying environment. There, under So You Want to Transfer to Moon Guard, was the answer to my question.

11. Is there anything else I should know about?

Yes. For the love of God, and all that you hold holy, stay out of Goldshire. I mean it.

What more can there be said? Plenty. Goldshire to my uninitiated few is a starting area for people starting off their WoW life as a human. Since I prefer Elves and Draenei I’ve managed to avoid it for the most part. But what is it about this location which draws forth those seeking cybering and cyberstalking? This sort of behavior isn’t heard of in Azure Watch outside of Exodar or Dun Morough outside of Ironforge. Leading me to speculate this is perhaps a human problem. Alas, I was again wrong. (Really wrong)

Braving the seedy horrors I would be risking exposure to I rolled up a paladin (for the best chance to resist whatever evils I would encounter. A rogue would just be doomed) and made my way to the town. There I found all manner of races, classes, and experience levels mingling together and reveling in their wickedness. (I did say I was a paladin right?) My first thought at seeing this was my knee jerk, “Aren’t there chat rooms to do this sort of thing in?” Second was, really Goldshire? Since this wasn’t just humans here, there had to be something else. Could it be an insidious plan by the Burning Legion to bring about the fall of the Alliance? I think we have struck gold!

What else would explain the amazing power of Goldshire to draw players there regardless of what server they are on? This plot must be stopped and YOU dear reader. We could avoid Goldshire like the plague sore in Elwynn Forest that it has become. Or instead good RP could be introduced. Induce the Mayor to change the laws on public indecency, fighting in the streets, and public intoxication. Surely he has a family he is keeping far from the center of town to stave off Goldshire’s corrupting influence. Come Citizens! Take back your little quaint town! Root out this insidious Burning Legion plot to corrupt the young and experienced alike.

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Goldshire, ‘RP’, and stepping the bounds

*nailed to the front doors of the Gold Lion Inn*

Dear Goldshire ‘RPer’,

Upon reading Ego today, I was reminded of you. Instead of spilling the bile that rose from my belly in her fair ear, I have bright it here. You may not remember me, and it has been quite some time I admit. Perhaps relating the events of our encounter you will have your memory sufficiently jarred to understand my reason for writing.

You see, I’m a mother and my child will occasionally get the bug to create a new character and want to play. Easy enough as we have two accounts in the house and don’t mind indulging her character creation love. We started this particular weekend morning with humans, though I did try to persuade her to the more lovely (and remote) draenei. You see I knew you would be there GRP. Hanging out not just in Goldshire but in the vicinity and I dearly did not want to meet you this weekend of all weekends.

But alas, such dreams of watching over my little one’s low level character and seeing her expression as she uncovers the story were dashed quickly enough. We hadn’t made the full walk from Northshire Abby to Goldshire before you came upon us, with your crude language, content, and emoting. A swift whisper asking you to leave us alone was brushed off and you commenced to follow and hunt us down across the forest. When your behavior got to a point I could not in any way allow to continue, I reminded you that the other character you were sending whispers to was an under age child and to leave them alone. I certainly cannot believe you were unaware that trying to solicit a child for ‘fun’ in Goldshire would be allowed by the local constabulary.

Perhaps you thought I was joking. I was not. Nor was I joking when I informed you that your actions were harassment and you had been reported. You see, I took your behavior very seriously. Harass me all you like, I am an adult, I know the proper recourse. However, harass my child, after being informed of the situation you are in and you have stepped into a different world. A humorless world, where I take your actions and words as seriously indeed.

I hope you recall the incident dear GRP, I certainly do. Though like everything you said and did that day, my daughter paid it no attention has gone on blissfully unaware of what you tried to do. No this is a call for you to remember. Regardless of YOUR intent in Goldshire, many new adventures to Azeroth come there fresh from Northshire Abby. I implore you to take jeed when someone requests you leave them alone. Mark well that not all share a love of your particular brand of ‘fun’. We certainly are not in a mature only world here (game is rated T and my daughter is a tween); remember that the next time you yell at someone, “You knew what you’d get coming to Goldshire!”

The Goldshire you are looking for is best kept in private, where as the one I want has funny looking ‘!’ over people’s heads and involves the life and times of the people there. We share this little piece of land. It is not unreasonable to ask you conduct yourself within the bounds of human decency. However, if you find yourself unable to conduct yourself thus, perhaps you will do better to throw yourself on the front lines of the next battle or find yourself a particularly deadly duel. I have made many friends in my travels over the years, and not a few of them are among the unsavory back alley types, should such a meeting need to be arranged.

Yours truly,

Concerned Citizen of Azeroth

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