Heart of the Matter…err Guild!

Every guild has a heart it is either a person or small group of persons that keep you knit together. Generally I associate them with the people that make you feel welcomed. Today while pondering what my next topic of discussion shall be I discovered who I think of as the heart of EW. Drum roll please!


I know it’s a pally, try not to throw rotten fruit at me over it! Some will say he hasn’t be there from the beginning (psst neither have I) and that he is old. And old people can’t be the heart of the guild (Mind you it would be Frendan telling you all this, infact you would only know he is old because he tells you…often 😉 )

Frenny (as I like to call him) is that rare person that is always quick to say hi when someone logs into the game, swift to strike up banter with new members, or snappy with his offers of help to any members. If you (like me) have ever logged in and said hi to your guild and been met with crickets, you need a Frendan. (please note cricket sounds were pre EW days.) But you can’t have my Frendan, you’ll have to find your own. Good Luck!

This was made no more true to me than well recently of course, otherwise I’d have blogged it by now. (ok in your defense there are tons of things I haven’t put in here but should so bad me! *slaps hand*) Where was I? Oh yes! I guilded the husband when he came back to WoW. Its always akward when you bring together your friends that you hang out with like all the time with your significant other. And I love bantering with my friends. Banter makes my life go round, it makes my raiding bareable (even though I loooove killing mobs), it keeps me connected with the game. So I was a bit leery how the mage hub would be taken. The answer of course is Frendan.

Frenny is master of banter and teasing, he and the gnomelicious mage hit it off and and tease each other like crazy. It did good for my nerves good, what’s more Frenny is just like that period. He wasn’t doing to be nice to me or do me a favor. Which is what made it all the more awesome. So I paid more attention to the way Frenny interacts with the guild and saw just how enthusiastic he is for the other members.

This is my thank you to Frenny. For being Frenny, making the guild super friendly and welcoming, and for letting me dps as disc priest on a time CoT run…WHAT? It was fun!

Frenny is by no means the only member of the Heart, but ask yourself this. Are you the Heart?

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How to tell your guild, you’re just not into them

Ok  lets start this by making sure my friends know I’m not leaving Eastwind *pets EW* *sends EW chocolates* But a friend ingame mentioned to me, last night in fact, that he was mulling over the decision to leave his guild. What a coinkydink!  Matticus put out this challenge for Valentine’s day themed post. So today we look at the pain of Valentine’s breakups.

1. Decide if you want to leave on a good note. For me this is a no brainer Regardless of what has gone down in your guild there is no reason to leave with a sour taste in everyone’s mouth. You will just come off as a jerk and since you are leaving any derogatory comments will be dismissed. Besides why burn bridges unless you have to. **if you decide not to leave on a good note please skip to step 5,  if you have no friends in the guild go straight to /gquit.

2. Talk with officers or Guild leader about your reasoning. It has been a standing order in all the guilds (2) I’ve been in since BC that officers should contact any members leaving to find out the reasons. Not to try and pressure them to stay but to find out the reasoning. Officers aren’t mind readers. Perhaps your problem is something they can fix if they only knew about it, or something they can work on to make the guild better as a whole if you are leaving regardless. You are a member of a guild; it is your responsibility to let them know if/when problems arise. Nothing hurts more when people up and leave out of the blue. (An opinion I’ve held long before I got the officer tag slapped on my back. Also one I’ve put into practice when leaving guilds. I know its shocking! I haven’t always been with EW)

3. Decide if you are looking for a guild on the side or fly solo for awhile. There are benefits to both. I’ve never really flown solo. Every time I’ve moved guilds; it has been to be with friends I play with more, or who are actually online. When the hub was playing, he would always fly solo, to either give himself time after leaving a guild to ensure he was going where he really wanted (and not a grass is greener scenario) or to avoid the title guild hopper. I bounced more in Vanilla or Classic WoW than BC, 4 guild moves total and 1 of those shouldn’t really count since all the other members left for EQ2 leaving me alone.

4. Let an officer know when you are ready to do it. I know it sounds redundant but I like to give the, “Hey I’m disbanding now” heads up to people. Its giving that last impression which can be lasting.

5. Say your goodbyes. More than likely you have friends on when you are going to /gquit. Say goodbye, if not in chat or tells at least in a quick mail. Who wants to log in and see their favorite tank has left the guild and you forgot their name has some weird character in it and can’t spell it!

Overall I believe in leaving any group of people on a good note. I will admit I’ve left one before with a sour taste in my mouth, but ultimately you do what is best for you and conduct yourself how you see best. Now for those in awesome guilds, its the day after Valentine’s did you give your guild roses and chocolates?

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Lost Vale

WAR is relatively new on the MMO scene and so the time for “WOOT we did something first” is  upon us. Today I would like to give lots of love and props to…Shychef, Guild Leader of End of Days. (Forgive me for procrastinating on your post). Shy (as we affectionately call him) along with a team of 5 others, entered the Lost Vale and successful slaughtered all resistance within, crowned with the death of N’Kari the final boss. *cheers* WAY TO GO SHY!!! Killing the Final Boss in the toughest dungeon/instance currently in the game. Also I believe it is a Destruction side first down for Gorefang.

Do expect to see a future post about shy and the guild coming soon. And if I can tag him down…an interview with our elusive guild leader 🙂 Again ROCK OUT SHY!!!!! ❤

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