How would you handle a meters chaser?

This is to all the raid leaders out there *taps on the screen* I have a situation for you and would like your input.

Scenario: You are in a raid that has wiped twice.

Healer in raid channel: I rock the heals! I’m at the top of the chart.

Healer in healer channel: Hmm what is my assignment? I am I suppose to heal the raid or am I assigned to a tank.

Heal Lead: You are assigned to the tank that keeps dying.

Healer: Oh! Well I’ve been healing the raid and rocking it.

This happened this week. I’m not saying it happened to me or if it happened to a group I am good friends with. All I’m saying is it happened.

How would you as the Raid Lead handle knowing this healer twice ignored the announcement of assignments and healed whoever they wanted. Would you do anything at all? Would you take it up with them in private? Would you make it a public display since it caused the entire raid to wipe twice? And of course…why?

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