Weekend Hunter Fun

Let the record show that Illisan has made level 80. Weee and I did my first pug breaking myself in with VoA 25man. For being in a mix of blues and BT purples I didn’t to too badly.(Bit the bullet bought dual spec and got myself a nice cookie cutter survival to start with) BM is being reserved for my around town spec 😉

Alas, I do not have Office suite at home and haven’t been able to make use of the very spiffy Shandara’s spreadsheets. Work blocks EJ so I can’t be sneaky at work either. *sighs* I’m thinking downloading it to a thumb drive and taking it to work to look at.

With the notes from PTR showing that cats are getting a dps boot I’ve decided not to tame a wolf. They are too ulgy and offend my sense of cute. I missed out on the worgen taming 😦 Bliz has taken away the ability to tame them and I’m ok with that. I don’t need a pet as tall as I am. *shakes head* It is bad enough that draenei are taller than me now…*fumes*

Of course you know…now I have to level my druid 😉

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So you know back when I said I wouldn’t be dusting off Illisan and would be focusing on my new alts instead? Obviously I was wrong because I took Illisan out this weekend and got her two levels. It really is amazing what a proper leveling spec can do for a hunter. I’ve kept her Beast Mastery and focused on talenting my pet for survivability and damage. Which really helped bring back the love I have for the hunter class.

The moment I remembered the quiver changes was a moment of pure glee. Stacking ammo? I think the guild got sick of hearing me squeel over the changes. But it is really nice to be playing her again. Even with all the changes the feel is still the same. Track it, find it, and kill it. 😉

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