Are you a Geek? Just a Little? Geek with me Wesley!

Wednesday I tore up a book like it was a piece of warm pumpernickel bread spread with sweet cream butter. (You know you didn’t see that one coming) But if I told my husband that I’d see the eyes roll and be asked “What’s new?” I have a reputation around the house for devouring the books like candy on…Damn it I must be hungry! All I can think about are food analogies. Hmm 6 hours since I ate last? Yep hunger has taken over.

You may notice that I read it Wed but posted Friday, I had too much to say to fit it into a single writing session and someone shorter than me but infinitely cuter needed help with her homework. I am waiting until she is taller than me to inform her I will still call her my little peach forever and ever just like my mom has a super sweet nickname for me. One cannot escape such names. Ever…I tried…where was I?


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