So You Want to be a Raid Healer

Reading Tankingtips reminded me the healer side of that coin. How do we get into a raiding guild or a prime slot on progression? So here is my take on the whole situation. I’ll be skipping the whole use a guild angle he had. I find it repulsive from a personal standpoint. Also at least on Silver Hand there are plenty of guilds that market themselves as leveling and gearing guilds already so I don’t see the point. I mean if you look in trade or general there are people advertising you a place to level your alt and get runs in with them. Why be deceptive when you can just avail yourself of these guilds? (Of course I am assuming this is true on other servers and may not be)

If you have come to 80 or are fast approaching the current end of your leveling affair you may have cast your sighs on end game raiding. Perhaps trepidation creeps in as you ponder how to go about becoming a raider. Luckily for you the path there is easier and a bit more straightforward than you think.


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Achievements & Fears-WoW

I know such an ominous title for my first post in…ages. But let’s get to it!
WOOHOO! Zhavi, my spacegoat priest, has made 80! Having obtained this final level of priestliness, promptly respec to holy. That’s right I abandoned the darkside for the syrupy sweet holy. There is even an rp story brewing in my head. Don’t hold your breath to see it posted however.
I should give you the set up before launching into the rest of this huh? Screw it! We can always come back right?
Upon my ding! level and respec Woleca aka Ace, venerable Guild Leader of Eastwind (my home) and Raid leader of two different Leftovers charters (Westwind and One Inch Punch) decided it was a good idea to drag my woefully unprepared and under geared self into my first holy raid, Naxx 10. Nothing like a trial by fire to rev me up about my new spec. Woleca for taking a huge change on this reformed DPS.
Now we can back track. I raid with the moderately famous Leftovers Raiding (featured in WoW Insider) An awesome raiding organization which allowed my hunter in BC to go all the way up to Sunwell (way to go Westwind!). Now with the Lich King I’ll be turning once more to LO to nurture my raid loving self.
Zhavi has even found a deserving charter in need of an extra healer. Here is where the fear comes in. See my guild and old charter both run Naxx10, I’m not raiding with them though. Don’t get me wrong they are the most rocking and excellent players I know. Its just…nerves. See above where I said Woleca was awesome and took me on a raid Day 1 of level 80 and respec? I was a basket case of nerves! Westwind is a progression charter, I don’t want to hamper them with a wet behind the ears healer. Eastwind is my guildies, these people are my family in the game. Call me neurotic, I likely am, but that makes them the last people I want to fall and go squish in front of. Light knows they had to put up with my hunter enough while I was learning how to raid her, I’m not sure they could survive me learning a healer on them.
But friends? Friends know you are going to wear that awful dress and tell you it looks great while encouragingly suggesting you wear the black trench coat to cover it up because it might rain and bleed that fuchsia all over you. I’m talking real life friends who have to love you because they said they would and meant it. Mind you, my RL friends are all guys and I don’t think they would save me the embarrassment of a horrid dress. (well my husband might but only to save himself the embarrassment of being seen with me)
So Zhavi has gone with two friends who help lead another charter, Heroes and Thugs. One of them is a fellow priest and heal lead. Which calms me down, a bit, I’m still new to this and under geared! But he is the calming chill type. No pressure, no worry I am holding back progression, just chill people killing things. I miss progression but I think maybe…it can wait until I learn to heal, get some gear, and learn…how to chill.
Think I was subtle enough with all the shout outs in there? Nah me either but they are all deserved!

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