Lost Vale

WAR is relatively new on the MMO scene and so the time for “WOOT we did something first” is  upon us. Today I would like to give lots of love and props to…Shychef, Guild Leader of End of Days. (Forgive me for procrastinating on your post). Shy (as we affectionately call him) along with a team of 5 others, entered the Lost Vale and successful slaughtered all resistance within, crowned with the death of N’Kari the final boss. *cheers* WAY TO GO SHY!!! Killing the Final Boss in the toughest dungeon/instance currently in the game. Also I believe it is a Destruction side first down for Gorefang.

Do expect to see a future post about shy and the guild coming soon. And if I can tag him down…an interview with our elusive guild leader 🙂 Again ROCK OUT SHY!!!!! ❤

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