The Attack of Real Life!

Man this week was hell! At work I was boxing and shipping 26 boxes of over 1,ooo garments for a charity we do on top of my regular job. *rubs her back*

Thursday the hub and I both miss our raid because we are stuck with picking him up after he had to work late (having only 1 car sucks, I dream of vespas in the summertime) I hate not making it to a raid I am scheduled for and not being able to inform anyone. I was so tired after said packing that my body cried for some tylanol and the bed, do not pass go, do not log into vent. So I got on Friday to let people know.

I’m still sore as all get out. I’m taking the bus this summer which means I’m walking 5 miles every day. Which ROCKS for my health (see up side) but sucks for me being hot and sweaty when I come home right at raid invite time. Luckily we start 30  min ahead of time which means log in, get on the griff and go jump in the shower.

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