A Return to..FIRE!

Today I joined with the marry band of The Finest Thread. A consortium of crafters delving the depths of long forgotten dungeons in search of rarely seen patterns. Their quest to know all and have all patterns lead me to Molten Core in hopes of getting the Eye of Divinity and beginning my own quest for a nice RP staff. Alas while the Eye did appear another claimed it as bounty. I’ll foray with this group again. Fast and furious they made quick work of the Core’s denizens.

**Yeah I really wanted to get the Eye on Zhavi but thats ok it was nice to see old content with her. For some reason seeing the old stuff makes it sparkle all over again when I’m on a character that hasn’t been there. I forsee making all my alts take a trek in there. 🙂 Speaking of…Sember my DK made 67!!

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