Setting the Mood-Raid Prep 2

In Raid Prep 1 we discussed how to get your character ready for a raid, with fore knowledge of encounter, consumables, and gear. Today we will look at how to get you the player in ‘the zone’ for you raid, and keeping you there. Because you got to set the mood for your sweet, sweet kills.

1. Music- There is a reason Bliz has each instance sound different. Arguably they did their best work  with Black Temple. Personally I like to get my music fix outside the game. Maybe for you its smooth jazz to mellow you out after a frantic day at work before the raid, or some fast and furious speed metal to get your heart racing for the dps races ahead, either way music is a great way to set your mind prior to a raid. (And I keep it running in the background during as well)

2. Fluids- Just like your character, who needs to chug some Honey Tea to replenish their reserves, you too need something on hand to keep you hydrated. Used to be a nice soda could be found on my desk, but in an effort to cut out needless calories from my diet, water can now be found there instead. Ultimately, have on hand something to drink during the raid, be it coffee, tea, soda, water, or something stronger 😉

3. Snacks- Personally I eat right before the raid (or as my raid leader will tell you as we are doing invites) so snacking has become less an issue for me. But if you plan your meals better than I do, it’s a good idea to have something on hand for your 4 hour excursions. Rython, it turns out likes to have peanut butter crackers on hand (which concerns me with the peanut scare) while Soulecho leans towards Chinese food or chips and dip. Personally I want the tasty mana pastries my character is eating, they look so good…

4. Bring your self– Be present in the game, really be there. Don’t be half in the raid and half watching tv etc. (or working on your blog post <.<)

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