Onyxia Raids You!

Some raids just aren’t meant to be. Some days I am just not meant to get the loots. Like this weekend, I went home sick from my dnd game 😦 where we just made epic! (my swordmages awesome just quadrupled with epic since she took Archlich as her epic destiny) Being sick was the low point of the weekend though and since I got better no complaints here.

This weekend I took Illisan and jumped into what seemed like a super late night cobbled together raid. I hesitate to call it a pug since it wasn’t really just a few slots slapped together (like my dps) VoA went well and a snagged a niffty new pvp belt. (Better stats are better stats) Seeing that we seemed to work well together an expedition to Ony was in order. (At this point it might be helpful to know that its a 10man huh?)


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