Wonderful News for Forgotten Realms!


Much anticipated by me!

Ok this is completely unrelated to WoW… shush! I squealed with joy when I got the news so I am sharing!

I don’t know about you, but when I love a series of books I seriously love them and wait on pins and needles for the next book to come out. Unfortunately, I am also seriously forgetful. I was heartbroken to learn that Paul S Kemp’s work with Forgotten Realms had come to an end. While working on a future post about D&D I was drawn over to see when the omnibus for his Everis Cale series would come out (because someone I used to game with destroyed my copy of Twlight Falling…*curses his name venomously* (there is a small hell for people that destroy other people’s books and don’t replace them)  *cough* Where was I? Oh yes…the stars aligned and Mr. Kemp will be continuing his series. My complete inability to keep up with authors I like inspired me to add him to my facebook. (which the Hub will tease me for later since I ignore facebook most days…I am so bad)

That is all…return to your regularly scheduled WoWing.

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Waiting on WoW…and waiting and waiting

The pain of waiting. We wait a lot in our game. We wait for new content, better looking outfits, raiders to show up on time, or get back from afk. We wait for our cooldowns to pop be done. We wait a lot. For somethings its a mere 1.5 seconds others its months and months.

Thursday I was stuck waiting on the freaking server to let me connect to the game so I could go attend my raid and bang my head on Yogg and the Faction champions. After an hour the will of the Blizzard server was appeased and log in I did! But while waiting and listening to my guildies and fellow raiders chat I…crocheted. Yes that’s right you didn’t just go crazy  I said I crocheted. I made a niffty little lap blanket out of granny squares for a coworker’s birthday.

So I got to thinking about how we fill up our time waiting. And the frustration waiting gives us. Like how many people are dying waiting for Blizzard to get their heads around the idea we don’t want pvp in our pve content? *cough* Faction Champ fight *cough* What do you do during breaks? Are you checking your email? Watching you tube clips? Posting to Facebook?

Or are you like me doing something super domestic? I’m gonna make another blanket I think bigger this time for my place. It’s football season I could do it in Seahawks’ colors. Hmm then I’d be forced to make my mom one in Titan’s colors so when they play in Jan. we can call each other and talk smack while cuddled up in warm fuzzy blankets made by me. Which will almost make the smack talk going on seem odd.

Speaking of waiting. My fav Forgotten Realms writer has a new series announced. Of course it won’t be out until July of 2010. ALMOST A FREAKING YEAR! *pants* See I have an addiction to reading. I don’t read books I devour books. If ever you wonder hm what might Zhavi be reading or what is Zhavi so desperate to get her hands on? Take a gander over at Paul S Kemp’s books. It isn’t often a writer can continue to write for one character and keep the stories fresh and not make me want to beat them within an inch of their lives. (btw I would never do bodily harm to an author for a book) Paul does better than manage to avoid that pitfall, the characters are engaging and damn it, he made me like rogues. (something I managed to avoid for YEARS) I would go on but I think you get the idea that I might be…a fan girl. Yes I admit it I am. I love Erevis Cale books deeply.

Where was I? Oh yeah…so having devoured all the books you can imagine since I’m admitted fan girl that I would be ecstatic about the new trilogy announced? Oh and I am. Just…like any fan I want it now! Just like I want WoW to give me Cataclysm now. (Btw totally my bad on not believing they were going to add Worgen and Goblins as player races. I admit it I was wrong.) *sigh* Oh the pains of waiting. *twiddles her thumbs* What is a gamer to do?

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