Raiding is like a Lobster Dinner

While on vacation I went to see my family for the first time in oh say 2 yrs. So it was a rare treat to see them and rarer still to be taken out for lobster while I was there. Of course my raid and gaming obsessed mind was pondering how my RL is reflected in my game life. Deep philosophical introspection abounds! 😉

Clear Location

I love nothing more than a good plan that is easy to understand. For our dinner my cousin J (names have been changed to protect the innocent) invited my mother and I out to a lobster dinner and named the restaurant. I liked this (not just because I love seafood) but I knew 2 things about dinner immediately: where I was going and what I was eating. I hate debating where everyone wants to eat and what everyone is in the mood for, the larger the group of people the more irritable it makes me.

Running Instances or Raiding is the same. I like to know where I’m going and what I’m after. I use different tools to help me determine what I’m after, AtlasLoot + Rating Buster. But as for where I’m going?

For Instances I exclusively have been relying on friends and guildies. I’ll put out to them I want to do a run, flexible about where and see if anyone has an interest. Most of my people have a specific zone they are trying to get gear out of, which makes my life easier. Of course this is about to change as I want to get all the LK heroic dungeons checked off so likely starting today I’ll be shouting I wanna go somewhere and see if anyone is up for it or pug it. *shudders*

Raiding wise I’m lucky. Being in Leftovers means I have a whole calendar of raids to look over, decide which days I want to sign up for whichever raid I’m interested in. It doesn’t guarantee me a slot in the raid. But it sure as heck makes my raiding life very easy to schedule. I like having the ability to schedule around my life and not around a raid.

Flexibility within Structure

We all sat down for dinner, J reminded us all to get whatever we wanted with lobster. There were 5 of us all told and looking over a menu is easy when you know what you are looking for, anything that comes with lobster. We had some traditional surf and turf, a few seafood extravganzas. *sighs wistfully* We new going in we are all getting lobster its all about what you do around that lobster that is up to you.

Raiding is the same way you have a clear goal. Kill X mob, hopefully with no wipes. How we all get there is different. Most of us aren’t going to do the same thing every single time regardless of constraints. There will be days you may be light on a class and so your role changes. That happens to me, it will happen to us all at some point. ( I love the time I was dpsing for a friend as a disc priest to help them finish an instance ❤ but it made me miss shadow…) But mostly it’s the flexibility that we know our job well enough to decide on our own which spells/abilities to use in a give situation. It doesn’t matter how many strategies you have read, it is the practical application of that knowledge, your wisdom to decide when to toss a Greater or Flash Hea, you know you are going to heal its just a matter of which flavor of heal. For the tank you know when to taunt or to save it for when threat will spike and you will need to grab it off say…a priest? *bats eyes*

Sometimes a raid does something different than what you are used to. ( I learned this the hard way once in Kara on my hunter, Netherspite with different run to positions and rotating vs run to wall any wall) A good player learns to flex within the confines of their situation to shine, adapt and still work your class to the best of your ability.

Someone else foots the bill

It was J’s treat I didn’t have to pay a thing. Which I really do think made the lobster and crab that must sweeter.

What? I can dream that suddenly all my groups will pay for my repair bills, gems, and consumables! I at least admit it’s a dream, but a sweet, sweet dream.

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