How a Tank Gets Ready-Guest Post

I was going to make this Raid Prep 2, but my Main Tank, Rython, gave such an indepth analysis of what he does to prepare for raids I thought I’d just let him speak for himself and then I’d follow up with Raid Prep 2 in a day or so. But really you need to get to know my tank first.
A little background is in order for you to truly appreciate why I would think of this Prot War as my go to guy. Rython was our MT all through BC to start with. While tanking duties were shared on some fights if I had to say who was the MT leader, Ryth would be the name you heard. Back in the days of BC raiding I sat my hunter butt in the melee channel with the tanks and melee dps. (If you haven’t just sat down and listened to the way your tanks and melee interact, do so. It will tell you volumes about your raid.) Rython has a cool head, talked to the melee and the hunters for that fact. I’ve found some tanks unapproachable but never Ryth. These days when I raid with Wild West (yes I’ve started bringing my healer) I hear Rython handing out raid assignments. There is a deep trust between the raid leaders and Rython to make the right choice.

“At this point in the game, with just farming old bosses I don’t actually do much prep. I just make sure I have a full stack of everything and that I know where we are going and when XD.

When we first started raiding wrath content things were very different (and will be in Uldar again) For every new encounter I watched a video first. I was especially interested in kite paths and movement mechanics. I’m a very visual person and I have to see something to really understand it. I do read up on the encounters as well, then watch the video again.

If something is important and their is a way to practice it before the raid I try to do that as well. Malygos is a perfect example of that. I think I put in a full hour of “Aces High” before I really felt comfortable in phase 3.

Closer to raid time I also look at the roster and see who we have to work with. I don’t handle slotting but if I see an issue the leads may have missed I’ll send a tell to them.

I imagine most people would be surprised (and maybe some wouldn’t) to learn just how much I research equipment. I knew the stats and tankpoint value of every piece of tank gear in the game before I stepped foot into naxx. I also study the points page before each raid.

This leads me to a bit of a tangent: as the main tank I feel its my responsibility to have the best of everything, and I do everything possible to that end. Of course we are on the LO system, and main tank gearing is not an option.

I remember on several occasions in TBC our other tanks with more points passed big upgrades to me to help our progression. And while I appreciate that greatly when it happens, I don’t expect it. I work hard to ensure I have the most points when those rare best-in-slot pieces drop. I probably pass on off-set and 2nd best gear more than any other person we raid with.

It typically works out quite well. I’m extremely well geared at this point, one of the best geared tanks on the server in fact (I’ve been lucky too, I admit). We almost never wipe because I died early, though of course our healers deserve the lion’s share of the credit for that. I just want their job to be as easy as I can make it 8-)”

Of course I wanted to know more! So here is a list of some prep points Rython does. (Do any of them remind you of Raid Prep 1?)

What materials (ie potions) do you gather before going to a raid?
Runic healing Injectors and Indestructible Potions. The indestructible is for tanking bosses that hit hard. You can use two in a fight by popping the 1st right before combat.

Do you bring any crafting materials along for a raid?
I actually carry all the raw gems on my person (I’m a JC) and for uldur I also plan on having all the enchanting kits/mats I might need sitting in my bags ready to go. I did this for naxx and there’s nothing like getting a new piece of gear and using it against the next boss.

Do you bring off spec gear with you?
I don’t bring my dps gear, due to space limitations and the sad fact that prot specced warriors just can’t do worthwhile dps no matter what they are wearing. If we ever get dual spec, that will change.

Anything you feel is a must have/must do for a raid?

I would never want to go into a raid not knowing the encounters. Learning by dying is….. much less fun than winning, imho
I’d also want to make sure I’m comfortable with my interface. Changing your key bindings or frames right before a raid is bad juju

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