Its time to be a Boyscout! Raid Prep 1

This is in response to a good friend’s foray into raiding with his guild. I wasn’t there on the raid but having heard the nature of their troubles, both from him and those there, I thought of some steps to help remedy the pains.

Pre-raid Preparedness

1. Read up on your raid. Going to Naxx10 for the first time? Or perhaps your group is running into the same problems over and over. Take the time to research where you are going so you know what to expect. Also know that just because a strategy is posted and popular, it may not be the used. The old adage “there is more than one way to skin a cat” applies. Strat’s change, especially based on group make up, but being prepared for phases and boss abilities goes a long way to raid success.

2. Check your spec. Don’t come to a raid in a pvp spec. If you are a healer come optimized for healing. The same goes for a tank, don’t come ready to pwn noobs, come ready to pwn bosses! By no means am I advocating everyone must play cookie cutter but if you aren’t an experienced raider especially this is important. Take advantage of other’s experience to help guide your spec choice. Or perhaps you pvp on the weekends and have forgotten to switch back? Go offspec to help a friend in a bind? Bottom line: Take a look and make sure you are spec’d ready to rock.

3. Get your consumables. Get the food you want most, don’t assume someone will foot the bill for you and lay down Feats all night long. Get potions/elixirs, these make the night easier. Both of these can make up for gear defencies, especially for the starting raider. Are you under the hit cap? Chomp on some +hit nummies. Not enough Attack power to squeak those dps races? Chug an AP potion or elixir. And let us not forget the all important runic mana and health potions!

4. Make sure you are repaired! Don’t be the one showing up unrepaired and make everyone wait while you run back to repair or worse yet drop a bot for you. (I’ve been on raids where enough people have forgotten to repair they just dropped a bot to cut down on time)

5a.Bring your off spec gear if needed. Now this applies to 25mans way more than 10 mans that’s for sure! But I noticed on a few fights that our Pally tank would switch to healing for a fight he wasn’t needed on.  (Likely because we had two warriors fully capable of tanking that night) I know Wild West’s druid tank always keeps kitty gear with him, just incase. I myself keep +hit gear incase of MC duty. I said ‘if needed’ for a reason, I like to check with my raid leader and see if I need to bring my +hit gear or not.

5b. Bring your resist gear. Now this isn’t as needed if you are going with a group that hasn’t been inside Naxx for the first tiem. However, even if it’s your first time, if you are going with raiders experienced with the instance bring your resist gear! I may or may not have fallen prey to this *whistles and looks innocent* So I’m telling you, if you think you might make it to big bad frosty dragon, get your gear made and have it on you.

6. Prepare yourself that you are going on a raid. It doesn’t matter if you are in a casual guild that hasn’t raided before, or if you are brand new to raiding and going with an experienced group of people. Raids can be a fun and oddly relaxing event, but nothing spoils that more than attitude. Be in the game, pay attention to the instructions being given.

I’m not asking for Herculean efforts, some of these will only need to be done once, or just as refreshers. I make them my quick check list before a raid. Helps me set the mindset…speaking of that will be the next post!

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