Healing in Cataclysm

Have you stepped into a dungeon and felt the pain of your mana and thought, “What the HELL?”

I really did have that WTH moment as the first pack was aoe’d down and health started dropping. My mana tanked out and my inner GRRR went off. I really felt the difference the changes to mitigation have made. Xandi and I commiserated the life of disc priests in 5mans.


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Priestly Tier 10 Fashion…or not

Surely by now you have taken a look at the new Priest Tier 10 models. Perhaps you too have boggled over the look Bliz is giving us. It is time to dissect this look and why it isn’t a priest look at all.

Please see the picture here ala MMO Champion


Draenie Girls in Tier 10

Now, first off Purple YAY! But obviously one of the design team is a Huskies fan with that purple and gold comb going on. I love purple, deeply love purple. But I never have been able to stand it with gold. I dunno its just too yellow for me to accept. Normally if I have to take a metallic with my purple it is silver. The green is way to warlocky for my tastes but when I think of a shadow priest hmm it has potential. The orange and purple is just wrong. Plain wrong let me say this wrong. *shudders* ewwww The white and blue look very classic and nice though of all of them it is the most spot on.

Otherwise…WHERE ARE MY WINGS!?!? *takes Blizzard by the hand* Didn’t we talk about this the last time you designed my clothes? Remember how I told you it would be ok this time but that I wanted wings for my next set? And not the fake wings you’ve tried to pass off. I want wing, wings. These glowy shoulders are not wings.

When you look at these set of clothing do you think Priest? No I could be a mage for all you know.

By contract take a look at the druid tier 10. Any doubt there is a druid under there? No! Which is just crazy since druids spend a majority of their time shapeshifted but they more iconic gear. These are the things that boggle my priest loving mind. Boggle.

I relented and even accepted we were being swathed in clothing because it is freaking cold. The design made sense and accordingly Blizzard’s tailors heavily embellished our clothing to make up for the fact there is just so much more cloth now. But why do you have the make the colors so college team worthy (nothing against college teams by the way) and why did you leave out wings?

Priests should revolt! No heals until we get wings. “NO WINGS NO HEALS!” banners should go up all around the Dalaran. Priests should march around the squares with their signs demanding icon clothing.

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First Impressions of Discipline Spec

Yesterday, after checking first with my raids Heal Lead, Zhavi made the change over to Disc. Our raids run two priests deep for 10 mans and having 2 holy is a bit of overlap and Ty was happy to give me the ok. I’ll admit I took the cookie cutter build, why mess with success, especially when I’m new to the disc game. I can always respec to play around with the build later.

Speaking of respecing, I did it right before our Naxx 10 Day 2 run. Nothing like cutting it to the wire to get me jazzed. (Do we see a theme? Respec and run the same day!) I availed myself on Takton, a lovely pally tank I’m friends with, to give it a quick visual test. New procs and abilities means I need to know at a glace whats up and fading etc. (Kudos to Blizz for making the Grace buff a pretty and clean buff to see) I’m still learning to keep an eye out for Borrowed Time to make sure I don’t miss out on using it however.

Overall my foray into Disc has been sucessful I found the build to be pretty solid. Of course I admit like all things I researched the hell out of the change before making it. And this gets to the meat and potatoes of this post. DO NOT OVER THINK OR LIMIT YOURSELF BASED ON BUILD!!!

If you are familiar with Discipline since Lich King then you know Disc is an awesome Main Tank healer. With damage mitigation and a huge mana pool they have the tools to keep your tank alive. With the changes to Tank threat,Power Word: Shield no longer cause tanks to swear at priests under their breath while gritting their teeth to hold agro. But are they just for Tank healing?

NO! But they aren’t going to be your OMG the entire group has taken damage. Heal them all STAT! healer either.

I walked into Naxx last night with the mindset I am a MT healer, that is my job and I will do it damn it! Ty however challenged me (though he didn’t know I was walking in with that mindset to my credit at least) and in the end I think on Day 1 of Disc I may have just opened my view to what a priest (any priest) can do with their abilities.

Lets give you the set up shall we? 1 Holy, 1 Disc, and 1 pally for heals. Everything is pretty smooth and we are about to do Grobbulus after seething about the frogger and lag. (but that is rant in the making) Now after reading the above we know what I’m expecting…to be given MT duty. (All the forums, blogs, and sites I can find say Disc = MT heals, raiding healing = talk with your raid leader to fix.) Instead Ty comes over vent to let me know that I will be on raid healing duty and to remind the new pally not to dispell at all during this fight.

I didn’t bat an eye, said ok, and then pondered…wait how am I going to do this I’m all damage mitigation and longer heals? Had I been holy I’d have a plan but suddenly my thoughts are Wait how am I going to pull this off and not get us all killed? Good for me I think fast on my feet…well sometimes. My plan was simple, take advantage of disc to the best of my ability and keep people alive. To execute I slapped a shield on anyone with his debuff about the time it ticked down to 1 (<3 Grid!) and then followed up with a flash heal. And it worked great. I still need to work on my mobility with healing but I promise you I got LOTS of practice last night.

Where I think Disc really shone was when one of the MT healers got the debuff. Smack a shield on the tank while the healer runs to the wall, pop a hasted  Penance, shield the healer, hasted Flash heal. Continue as needed!

What this taught me:

  • Don’t think too rigidly about any class or spec. This is true of WoW, WAR, of for that matter life.
  • Disc can raid heal, just not instant group heals ala COH
  • Continue to trust Ty
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Priestly Gear

I truly pondered making this the “omg this is what I wore my first Naxx” post. But thought better of that and decided to give you information on gearing instead. But if you haven’t noticed by now I’d rather find the good info than come up with it on my own. Let others break their backs and calculators coming up with it all so I can reap the rewards! Below are links to your gear guides.

Matticus Newly Minted lvl 80 Gear Guide

Plus Heal Priest Gear Discussion

Dwarf Priest Gear Guide

Loot Rank CoH Spec Priest Guide

I have these posted in this order for a reason: it is the progression of gearing really. Matticus has given us a great guide to getting your foot in the door for raiding. Dwarfy gives us the end guide to where you should be given the current gear in the game. Loot rank is a great tool to weigh the stats you are looking for and filter the gear that best matches what you want. For priests Dwarfpriest has already weighted in holy and disc templates for us to use. Then just filtered by content etc and get results based on what skills you have and what gear you have access to…Brilliant!

As a side I keep two mods to help me in game when looking at an item: Ratingbuster and AtlasLoot. They with on the fly decisions and make sure that just because the stats look better I really am getting the bump I want from any time.

This makes me think a UI post is in the future…

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Getting a Priest Raid Ready?

I am woefully behind the curve to help. What? Don’t leave yet! Just because I’m not here to theorycraft your healing doesn’t mean I don’t know where to find what you are looking for. See below:

General Links for any class:

Elitest Jerks

Wow Wiki


Priest Links:

World of Matticus

Egotistical Priest

Dwarf Priest

Plus Heal Forums

All are excellent tools for learning a class (like me) or honing your already considerable skills. (don’t worry I have some other class specific stuff coming for some non priest classes. I am an altoholic after all)

For ease in the future these links will all be found to the right

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Achievements & Fears-WoW

I know such an ominous title for my first post in…ages. But let’s get to it!
WOOHOO! Zhavi, my spacegoat priest, has made 80! Having obtained this final level of priestliness, promptly respec to holy. That’s right I abandoned the darkside for the syrupy sweet holy. There is even an rp story brewing in my head. Don’t hold your breath to see it posted however.
I should give you the set up before launching into the rest of this huh? Screw it! We can always come back right?
Upon my ding! level and respec Woleca aka Ace, venerable Guild Leader of Eastwind (my home) and Raid leader of two different Leftovers charters (Westwind and One Inch Punch) decided it was a good idea to drag my woefully unprepared and under geared self into my first holy raid, Naxx 10. Nothing like a trial by fire to rev me up about my new spec. Woleca for taking a huge change on this reformed DPS.
Now we can back track. I raid with the moderately famous Leftovers Raiding (featured in WoW Insider) An awesome raiding organization which allowed my hunter in BC to go all the way up to Sunwell (way to go Westwind!). Now with the Lich King I’ll be turning once more to LO to nurture my raid loving self.
Zhavi has even found a deserving charter in need of an extra healer. Here is where the fear comes in. See my guild and old charter both run Naxx10, I’m not raiding with them though. Don’t get me wrong they are the most rocking and excellent players I know. Its just…nerves. See above where I said Woleca was awesome and took me on a raid Day 1 of level 80 and respec? I was a basket case of nerves! Westwind is a progression charter, I don’t want to hamper them with a wet behind the ears healer. Eastwind is my guildies, these people are my family in the game. Call me neurotic, I likely am, but that makes them the last people I want to fall and go squish in front of. Light knows they had to put up with my hunter enough while I was learning how to raid her, I’m not sure they could survive me learning a healer on them.
But friends? Friends know you are going to wear that awful dress and tell you it looks great while encouragingly suggesting you wear the black trench coat to cover it up because it might rain and bleed that fuchsia all over you. I’m talking real life friends who have to love you because they said they would and meant it. Mind you, my RL friends are all guys and I don’t think they would save me the embarrassment of a horrid dress. (well my husband might but only to save himself the embarrassment of being seen with me)
So Zhavi has gone with two friends who help lead another charter, Heroes and Thugs. One of them is a fellow priest and heal lead. Which calms me down, a bit, I’m still new to this and under geared! But he is the calming chill type. No pressure, no worry I am holding back progression, just chill people killing things. I miss progression but I think maybe…it can wait until I learn to heal, get some gear, and learn…how to chill.
Think I was subtle enough with all the shout outs in there? Nah me either but they are all deserved!

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