Raid/Life Balance

You know you are too tired when the raid hasn’t begun invites yet and all you want to do is curl up in the corner and go to sleep.

I’ve pulled the raiding back to just 1 day a week. Raiding til 11:30 = me not getting to bed til almost midnight. Also it is hard to explain to a 10 yr old why you are getting on the computer from the moment you get in the door from work until well after they are asleep. I’ve already been round filing the general ribbing I’ve started getting about the whole thing.  I will give it to the raid leaders it isn’t coming from them, and oddly it wasn’t even coming from regular raiders. (Wow to think of it, it was coming from some twit who doesn’t know me but felt being in the same chat with me must mean they did…twits)

Though Tay does inform me I need a second vehicle and I agree. But life doesn’t agree with putting me in a situation where it is feasible just now. *sighs* priorities. I miss the simpler times …man I sound old.

*curls up and naps before her raids tonight*

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Pretty colors introduced to my WoW

Ah, the beauty of moving from a behemoth CRT monitor to a sleek widescreen 23” flat panel cannot be expressed in words. Not that I won’t try to convey it to you anyways. 😉

The hub was the man and ordered me a new monitor because he knew I wanted one and honestly I don’t know as proof he thinks I’m adorable when I squeal and new computer bling? But the icing on my flat screen layered cake was that I came home to it already set up and calibrated for WoW! And because you need candles with a tasty cake like that he even totally cleaned off my cluttered desk to make room and stuff. (btw yes I did squeal when I saw the monitor sitting there and then have my jaw drop when I noticed my clean desk.)

Wow is very pretty now, in ways it wasn’t pretty before. Oh it was still pretty colors before but not these pretty colors. *beams like a kid with her new toy* So I took it for a test drive putting some work in on Delith, you know to make sure the monitor was good and stuff..*whistles* What? I needed to give it a test run! Of course I wasn’t able to stay absorbed too long, as the rest of the house needed cleaning for the in-law visit. Just for the weekend though.

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