Christmas Loots!

The lovely gift of a Razor Naga on Friday precipitated a change in my healing Addons. Much as I love Vuhdo it just doesn’t support the 17 key massiveness that is the Naga. (btw ❤ Razer) Instead, I’ve changed addons and picked up Healbot. I could’ve gone back to Grid but didn’t relish the time spent setting up the addon to give me info the way I want to see it. (Yes I am lazy) Instead,  popped some views of the Healbot interface and decided it was easy enough to config that I would give it a spin. Besides, a friend (as in real life friend I see regularly, as in I see him twice every other week face to face…yes both for gaming nights) is a huge fan and offered to be my tech support should I need it. How could I say no?

Overall, I am happy with the set up. Mind you tomorrow’s raid will be the real test. Having 12 buttons under my thumb keyed to my heals is rather daunting. I tried dpsing with the set up over the weekend. Bad idea. Shadow dps takes concentration for me to be any good at it (aka put up competitive numbers) and learning a new mouse was not the way to go. I am satisfied with my initial healing set up and since I am using the Razer addon( Dominos like addon), I am peached to be able to look at my screen and know which key is going to pop which spell. I always hated that in the heat of combat if I forgot a key combo for say Remove Curse I was SOL with Vuhdo, no opening the config screen in combat. I may have let people die that way…a few times.

In case you were like me and looked at pictures of the mouse and put that together with the number of keys under the thumb and assumed it would be huge and awkward under your hand? We are wrong. It fits nicely in my womanly hands and the Hub with his big hands find it a bit small. (but he really loves his Death Adder so I think any mouse will fall short compared) Time will tell how well both the Naga and Healbot work for me, but thus far I’m happy and more than a little eager to give it a hard and fast test tomorrow.

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