Shadowy Returns

The apparent end of Zhavi’s 10man raid group and the rise of Delith’s 25man raiding has resulted in 1 singular fact. Zhavi is no longer beholden to the needs of 9 other people. Which will result in only 1 possible out come; the death of my holy spec. Don’t get me wrong Holy is a completely viable spec and I am sure the world over there are people who love it. However, I never geared for it and used it exclusively for healing on Valithria Dreamwalker. My first love has always been shadow, back before the lure of Disc took me away (and you know being heals so I’d get slotted for Naxx). Eventually, Holy was going to go away regardless, I intend to level Shadow in Cataclysm just like I did all BC and WK. It is like slipping back into your favorite pair of PJs; warm and oh so comfy. (more…)

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