Destressing your raiders

A while back WW was doing a progression push on Iron Council (ok it was more than awhile ago…come on you expect me to remember how long?)  We found ourselves beating our heads due to the runes on the ground and timing. To break up the tension a member threw down something so fun and addictive a line formed up to get some action.  <Thank you Frendan for taking the picture for me>

Kittying around in Ulduar

Kittying around in Ulduar

Yes a line formed for the tiger bouncy. Tiger was a great little break from the progression on the raid. A brief interlude and then back to business. I really think it is moments like this that can diffuse the tension on progression nights. Next time I am hoping someone will bring foam swords! *sigh* I still haven’t gotten the card for them yet 😦

With WW now beating our heads on Yogg and Faction Champions I think more bouncies are needed. Or firework displays. Maybe I’m the only one who finds silliness makes raiding bearable?

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Illisan makes a new friend!

Sometimes I find myself making friends that honestly should have already been friends. Take this weekend for instance. A guildy sent me a tell asking for help on a little group quest kill in Zul’Drak while I was leveling Illisan. I ahd seen the name but wasn’t familiar with the person, but it was a guildy asking me to help kill something, what kind of hunter would I be if I passed up the opportunity to kill something new. ( I didn’t even have any of the flight points in ZD yet!) So I said sure and hopped a flight to Grizzly so I could fly up the ramps (Did I mention Illisan made 78! and got the antifreeze for her gryphon?)

Throbriks turned out to be a niffty feral spec druid, and one hell of a peachy little elf. Which is nice since Illisan doesn’t usually make nice with druids. Back when Silver Hand was a new server and I rolled my hunter LOTS of people actively role-played. Her first experience with a druid was in Ashenvale killing th angry bears there. Hunting with a roguish friend and his new druid friend killing the bears which seemed to have over run the landscape. It was a simple question the druid pondered out loud, a simple question if someone wasn’t a druid. “I don’t understand why the bears attack us when we go into their caves.” *sigh and face palm*So begain Illisan’s not so open disdain for druids. Fandral Staghelm’s attitude toward…well everyone didn’t do much to improve her dispostion on the few times she was sent to speak with him.

So where was I? Oh yes! I ran across a very nice player and while I don’t think Throby is an rper ( I have yet to ask) she is a damn peachy person. Not only was it a quick kill quest which died very fast to the druid/hunter team., but she is a Leatherworker as well and has been sending her extra leather to Illisan so I can work her skill. And if being free with her leather wasn’t enough Throby has been mailing me extra gear she makes for Illisan to wear when I make 80. It was unexpected but super appreciated.

While it would be easy to sa, “Of course you like the person they are giving you free stuff.” But wait! there’s more *in best pitchman voice* Since grouping up I’ve gotten to know the player a bit more. Which is awesome, I’m the chatty type and Throby has been added to my chat to list. Not just people I say hi to, oh these are ppl I will chat to in raids because well I enjoy the chatting with them.

It also reminds me to keep up on the list of odd names in the guild and not just assume they are someone’s alt. I mean I have a budding tank for Illisan to abuse now! And a druid worthy of respect, I mean so far they haven’t made any strange comments which lead me to believe they are perhaps a warriror in disguise.

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