DLC and the Long Wait for Release Dates

The long slog to Star Wars: The Old Republic now has an end in sight. In case you missed it, the release date has been announced as December 20th. No news yet on how early the “early start” will be for those of us who pre-ordered. Also, guilds have entered the Aligning Phase where you make up to 3 alliances or¬†adversary¬†pacts with other guilds.

The alignment phase is odd to me because allies and adversaries normally appear organically over time in an MMO. Members of other guilds you meet in your travels and develop close ties. I expect to see more fluid movement of allies and adversaries once the game launches and people get a feel if they really do enjoy playing with each other. I did post my guild’s request for allies today. Skeptic or not, the chance to make more friends off the bat is enough for me to give it a shot and everyone agreed. (more…)

Old Republic on Preorder

If for some reason you have missed the news, Knights of the Old Republic’s pre-order has gone live. Unfortunately, unless you were super snappy and already have it, the Collectors Edition is sold out via Origin (EA’s online store). I haven’t bothered to look hard for it but Best Buy still has it listed on their site as available. So if you need all that swag be snappy!

Personally, I went with the digital deluxe. Just enough to make my inner geek happy without making my practical side ask WTF I was thinking. Sometimes it is a hard balance between those two, so demanding.

By the by, pre-ordering gets you an early play code (register the moment you get your confirmation as early play is determined by when you register said code…). Your character from early play will not disappear (as other games have done) when the game goes live to all. It is a nice chance to get a jump start or get your feet wet and see how you feel about the class play. This is what I am looking forward to most. I am partial to playing a healer but concerned on how they play and if it will fit my playstyle. I’ll be using my time to hammer out which healer I’ll be.

Of course, the downside is we still don’t have a release date yet. I think it is a pet peeve of mine to see publishers doing pre-orders for games without release dates. On the flip side I understand especially with MMOs waiting to announce the release date given the competition for video game dollars.

Will I be seeing you in Old Republic?

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