Death Knight DPS and Tank Review

As you may be aware my DK Sember runs around with a dps and tank spec. Regardless of the fact I rarely tank. (Being under geared with overgeared dps is a recipe for frustration when it comes to threat) With badges converted to points I am feeling better about tooling both her specs.


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Does Discipline Still Sparkle?

There has been some chatter that Disc doesn’t sparkle like it once did. So lets take a closer look at what makes Discipline priests sexy still.

Shielding is sexier now than it was before. But honestly there is so much to shielding we are going to have go go over it in depth!With Soul Warding, Renewed Hope, Borrowed Time and Rapture there is a lot going on for you to toss some shields out during the group or raid.

  1. Improved Power Word: Shield– For 3 talent points you get an increased 15% effectiveness. I find that pretty substantial for our shields. More damage mitigated is less damaged needing to be healed. (and who doesn’t love that?)
  2. Soul Warding– IPWS is a gateway to this very nice talent. First it reduces the cooldown by 4 seconds and then it reduces the cost by 30% (though the mana cost is being nerfed soon *sigh*) But even still our shield is now easily spammed and cheaper to cast, making the spamming viable. So its all win to me. Coupled with the increase in effectiveness it makes shielding very sexy.
  3. Renewed Hope– This is to me a stroke of genius talent at 2 points. First, you get a 4% boost to crit. on Flash Heal, Greater Heal, and Penance if your target has the weakened soul debuff (and if you are MT or OT healing they really should have it almost all the time). Second, when you cast shield you 100% to reduce damage to your raid by 3% for 20 sec. For 20 sec you reduce damage to your entire raid.
  4. Rapture- When your shield is completely absorbed (IE it all gets eaten by damage) you get mana back! (while I liked the old version, this is still a mana giver and really does feed into their image of Disc being the shield masters) If it does get completely taken you will give your target; rage, mana, energy, or runic power all based on their class. This is a great offset to the old warrior complaint that preshielding them, kept them from generating rage ergo generating threat.
  5. Borrowed Time– First is the spell haste component, an additional 25% haste to your next spell cast after Shield. Second, is the lovely additional absorption to shield, a full 40% of your spellpower. (Yum!)

Pain Suppression does reduce their threat by 5% but in with the changes that have been made to threat I haven’t had a problem throwing this on the tank yet. For the meager sacrifice of this 5% threat, your target gains 40% damage mitigation. As a side benefit they also get a 65% chance to resist dispel. (great for pvp not so much for pve) While it only lasts 8 secs I can confirm it has saved my tank many times (Sarth +3 and Razorscale)

Divine Aegis creates a little glowy bubble around the target. (Yay! for more bubbles.) This one is worth 30% of the crit. heal you land on your target. More damage reduction is all win to me.

Grace, stacking up to 3 times for 15 seconds increases all healing to the target by 3%. What triggers this tank loving spell you ask? Why our favorite heals of course;  Flash Heal, Greater Heal, and Penance. This is great, not just for our own spells to be more effective, but makes the most of another healers spells as well.

Power Infusion, I think of this as the priest innervate. When cast on yourself or another it is a 20% spell haste and mana reduction! Lets think on this a moment. We make our spells cost us less and cast it faster? Yes pleass! I’ve used this with a holy priest and druid for a Kel’thuzad kill. It was yummy to them for sure.

Improved Flash Heal is a talent meant to prove to us more that we are all about fast spells. (you know in case the  hasting talents didn’t prove it to you already 😉 ) It reduces mana cost and increases the crit. if your target is on his way to dead (aka 50% or below)

Well, yes our heal numbers might not be where the holy priests are. A druid may beat me out on the heal meter every fight. But you know what? Looking back over the disc talents I really do think we still sparkle. Remember our bread and butter is shield. If you are on Main Tank or even off tank heals keep a shield on them. Its a beautiful buffer for splash damage, glyphed its a nice small heal as well. Embrace the changes to Disc. Embrace your inner bubble!

Summary? We sparkle like diamonds baby!

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Holy Priest Healing Mantras and Musings…

Say these with me now…

v     Renew is my friend

v     I am one with PoM

v     I am one with PoH

v     I will not shield the tank if there is a Disc Priest

v     I will learn to dance within the 5SR

I know you are reading this going..WTF you just respec’d Disc woman?!? And you are right I did and still am Disc spec. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t pick up something out of being holy OR that I totally made this post and forgot to post it before posting the change…*pulls out her halo and tries to distract you* Look the tank is dying! *points behind you*

I would like to go over the choices I made while holy, why I made them and how they affected my healing and play style. Because maybe you are looking at holy with the big eyes going “Maybe its for me?” And if so, and if you were like me having been shadow all the way to 80, I might be of some help with your decision. I can SO be helpful incase you are thinking what I think you are thinking…*grumbles*

Deep Holy

First let’s assume we are looking at a deep holy spec, and skipping lolwell. (This is not to downplay this spell AT ALL! It is still good so long as you can train your team to use it. My current raid group does a wonderful job, but I didn’t want it) If you are willing to take the time to train the group you are running with to run over and click it them rock the house with it! Its great for splash damage healing etc. I decided to sacrifice that point to Desperate Prayer instead. I know a lot of people have QQ about how it used to be a free human spell and isn’t anymore, all I will say to them is…BITE ME!!! *huffs* Hymm of Hope used to be Draenei only and they took it from me and made it suckier and then gave it to all priests…*shakes fist at Blizz*But I love Desperate Prayer regardless of the bad rap it gets on the forums.

I like an OH Sh** heal for myself just me no one else…*cackles* (and incase you wonder I kept this spell in Disc as well for the same reason)

So we are no Light Well and yes Desperate Prayer thus far

Next I decided I wanted Surge of Light, with the Flash Glyph the spell is darn close to Greater Healing for HPS AND it casts faster. Meaning less worry about overheal (because while yes you get the mana back with your talents it takes you out of the 5SR AND you don’t get 100% back so still mana spent) Now to take SoL I have sacrificed another talent that I think is great Healing Prayer, and while I think the mana reduction in this talent is FABULOUS it was a choice of niche for me. I wanted to be the Flash queen. FH back in the Kara days was a the sign of a bad healer. You wanted to down rank your Greater Heal to 1 or 2 and be constantly casting it and stopping the cast if unneeded with a stopcast macro. Those days are long gone. Downranking is gone from the game all together and while stopcasting is a great tool to help you squeek out some more time oo5sr FH has really come into its own as a staple spell (when glyphed) SoL gives me a free hasted FH and with so much causing SoL to proc it seems silly not to take advantage of this. SoL lets me cheat the 5sr for extra mana returns. Is it guarnteed timing? Well no. I’m not about to tell you to start relying on a proc either. What I am saying is that it helps and as a holy priest every little bit helps. It’s like a mini gift you get that pops up for you. Poof! Here you go some more time oo5sr.

Surge of Light over Healing Prayers for more chances oo5sr

Guardian Spirit was taken all the way down at the bottom. I don’t feel like I need to justify why I took the spell. But I do want to say this, if you want to get bigger heals off because you know the damage will be big. Use GS! Don’t fret about using it and not having it up when you really need it. Otherwise you won’t be using and if you don’t use it there is no point in having it. An unused spell not matter how great it is, benefits no one.

Round up:

Holy was all about retraining my reflexes. It is about staying outside the 5 second rule to maximize mana returns. Holy is about having a toolbox full of useful spells and learning when it is best to use each one. Your heals are situational, CoH isn’t the answer to everything, neither is renew. Learn when to use which spell in your game environment to maximize Heal Per Second and your mana.

Give me a few more raids with Disc and I will probably have a musing and mantras post.

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