Priestly Tier 10 Fashion…or not

Surely by now you have taken a look at the new Priest Tier 10 models. Perhaps you too have boggled over the look Bliz is giving us. It is time to dissect this look and why it isn’t a priest look at all.

Please see the picture here ala MMO Champion


Draenie Girls in Tier 10

Now, first off Purple YAY! But obviously one of the design team is a Huskies fan with that purple and gold comb going on. I love purple, deeply love purple. But I never have been able to stand it with gold. I dunno its just too yellow for me to accept. Normally if I have to take a metallic with my purple it is silver. The green is way to warlocky for my tastes but when I think of a shadow priest hmm it has potential. The orange and purple is just wrong. Plain wrong let me say this wrong. *shudders* ewwww The white and blue look very classic and nice though of all of them it is the most spot on.

Otherwise…WHERE ARE MY WINGS!?!? *takes Blizzard by the hand* Didn’t we talk about this the last time you designed my clothes? Remember how I told you it would be ok this time but that I wanted wings for my next set? And not the fake wings you’ve tried to pass off. I want wing, wings. These glowy shoulders are not wings.

When you look at these set of clothing do you think Priest? No I could be a mage for all you know.

By contract take a look at the druid tier 10. Any doubt there is a druid under there? No! Which is just crazy since druids spend a majority of their time shapeshifted but they more iconic gear. These are the things that boggle my priest loving mind. Boggle.

I relented and even accepted we were being swathed in clothing because it is freaking cold. The design made sense and accordingly Blizzard’s tailors heavily embellished our clothing to make up for the fact there is just so much more cloth now. But why do you have the make the colors so college team worthy (nothing against college teams by the way) and why did you leave out wings?

Priests should revolt! No heals until we get wings. “NO WINGS NO HEALS!” banners should go up all around the Dalaran. Priests should march around the squares with their signs demanding icon clothing.

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