One Rule to Rule Them ALL

If you are unfamiliar with MC Frontalot, Mike Doughty, or Wil Wheaton then this post will hopefully change that.

I was introduced to Mike Doughty’s music via the Hub when we first started talking. And if I take nothing else away from the early days of our relationship it will be the vast amount of music I was “forced” to listen to. Mike’s Haughty Melodic started to receive regular rotation on my play lists and still is my favorite.

MC Frontalot is a nerdcore artist I had the pleasure of being introduced to via…PAX! (what? Going was the geek highlight of my year)

Together they made this song about…Wil Wheaton (who we know I adore since I have posted about his book previously)

Why am I making you read all this? Well I’m not twisting your arm to make you read for no reason. There is a WoW related story in here somewhere, if only I could find it…*wanders off on a tangent*

You see the Hub and I in our geekly marriage listen to pod cats and other geekly stuff together (usually while I run 5man groups sans sound) Last night we were listening to Radio Free Burrito and heard the song. In one of those magical moment I looked at the Hub shocked “OMG! Is that…Mike Doughty with MC Frontalot? And are they really singing what I think they are singing” The Hub looked over with one of those grins and he tabbed over to check on MC’s website for more info as we listened to Wil.

But really that song could be a theme song for PUGing. Today, I went to heal a heric random pug desperate to get my extra badges so I could buy yet another boomkin item for Delith…oh right so I decided to drop feral (I hate melee) and go resto/boom. While in said pug this song played in my head the WHOLE freaking time. We had a nooblete little DK (and I mean that in the best way) who wanted to need an offspec 1hander for his dual wield unholy build. We had a hunter who spend the entire freaking raid berating and belittling him for the idea and for his supposed lack of DK tanking knowledge. My friend Xandi was on his tank reminding me why I have a deep and abiding love both for pally tanks and for his tanking in general. I really from the get go wanted to just say HUNTER! Don’t be a Dick…actually stop being a Dick. But instead I decided to be nice (for the moment) and send this poor DK (who admitted he doesn’t know much about tanking and is just starting to get the gear together for it as he has focused exclusively on DPS previously) a tell expressing my sorrow that the hunter is being a dick and to ignore him the rest of us are cool with whatever etc. I mean if someone admits they are new to it but that the item is overall better than what they have…STFU! Geeezz don’t spend the rest of an instance being  jerk about it. Alas, the hunter couldn’t/wouldn’t let it go and even as we were doing loot kept it up.

Song in my mind, patience all but evaporated even in the cold Halls of Reflection I left the hunter with my parting words. “Remember, Wil Wheaton says, DON’T BE A DICK!” I am sure the sentiment was lost on him and did nothing but soothe my frayed nerves. Xandi at least agreed the hunter was a dick and deserved to have someone other than the object of his ire tell him so. So my little friends of the nets, go listen to the song and in your next pug remember, “Don’t be a dick!”

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Are you a Geek? Just a Little? Geek with me Wesley!

Wednesday I tore up a book like it was a piece of warm pumpernickel bread spread with sweet cream butter. (You know you didn’t see that one coming) But if I told my husband that I’d see the eyes roll and be asked “What’s new?” I have a reputation around the house for devouring the books like candy on…Damn it I must be hungry! All I can think about are food analogies. Hmm 6 hours since I ate last? Yep hunger has taken over.

You may notice that I read it Wed but posted Friday, I had too much to say to fit it into a single writing session and someone shorter than me but infinitely cuter needed help with her homework. I am waiting until she is taller than me to inform her I will still call her my little peach forever and ever just like my mom has a super sweet nickname for me. One cannot escape such names. Ever…I tried…where was I?


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