Priest Tier 10 Set Bonuses

We have a lot of ground to cover and we’re short on time. It is Friday and I have the day off. PLAY TIME! I’ve blackmailed The Hub to get on his 70something rogue and play slaughter the mobs with me in Northrend. IE level my druid and benefit at the same time.

Healy Priest Tier 10

Priest T10 Healer 2P Bonus – After your Pain Suppression and Guardian Spirit talents expire on your target, they grant your target 10% increased healing received for 10 sec.

Priest T10 Healer 4P Bonus – Your Flash Heal spell has a 15% chance to reset the cooldown on your Circle of Healing and Penance Spells.

Where do I begin? *takes wall beats head in* I don’t know tell me I’m wrong but I just can’t get excited about this. Let me break it down for you.

2 piece means 10% more healing on the target after PS or GS expires. Not bad you are thinking? *shrug* I have PS for emergency situations. 5% aggro lost is still 5%. Even with the changes made I find my dps still loves to go hog wild. This is especially true of hunter and warlocks. (I know it is on hunters because when I play my hunter and my Misdirect and feign deaths are on cooldown she is still popping over some tanks. This scares me…badly.)

But with a 10% increase to healing taken, the knee-jerk reaction is going to be to cast this more often on the tanks. Now 5% in a clinch is one thing a consistent 5% every 9 seconds on a 5-7 minute fight…hmmm worrisome? A weee bit? I get they want people to use these tank and raid saving (because usually when the tank dies it’s a wipe) spells more often. But that is why we have fights like Mimiron and healers create cooldown rotations around it.

Or I am reading too much into it and they just want to give us a crap highly situational boost to those clinching moments. They likely looked at Mimiron and thought hmm how could we make this easier? And if this was the case does it presage more boss fights in Icecrown of this nature? Hmm, if so still not excited about it but it would make the 2p more sexy.

4 piece

Flash Healing gives you a 15% to reset the cool down on Circle of Healing or Penance (Since I’m disc only Penance matters to me and really their cooldowns are the same just about)

I’m on the fence here. I mean it is sexier than the 2p bonus, but not by much. Blizz seems to acknowledge in one fell swoop that a. we cast a heck of a lot of flash heals these days and b. the cool downs on tree defining heals is a wee bit long. I’d rather see the % be higher. Make it based on our crit! (Hey I can pipe dream if I want) 30% would make this a meatier slice of tier bonus.

You know overall my impression is still eh. If I get pieces I’ll take them but I’m not going to scrimp and save points to go for it. Going with out of tier best stat gear is probably going to be my path. But we’ll see eh bonuses but good-to-great stats would make it worth picking up. I just think in a real raid environment they will not come out as golden as some theorycrafters believe. But if you want to to see the other side of the coin and read some serious loving on these see the links below.

World of Matticus–  Matt also takes a look at the other healing classes’ set bonuses as well.

Xeonio– His math looks fine I just still thinking theorycrafting this outside a live environment inflates the numbers. (But go read him, he is a fellow Silver Hand blogger AND also raids with LO 🙂 ) Of course you could say my believe they are eh is equally flawed without seeing it live 🙂 Ahhh the joys of speculation.

As an aside Blizz hasn’t released the models for priest gear yet…as you know their priestly fashion sense come Lich King has left a lot to be desired…I fear.

It was gratifying to read over at Snarkcraft that Jov shares my disdain for the set bonuses even in their updated forms. Take a stroll on over and get her view on them.

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Tier 9 Priests

Tier 9 Models *sigh* All I have to say is…really? REALLY? You rocked my world for the tier look in BC. Rocked it full on woohoo rocking and this is what you give me?

They just look dull and boring. Where are the priesty wings and halos? Oh and I read them whine about how it is resource and time consuming to make new models…blah blah.” Ohhh we made horde and alliance different.”  Recycle the models we liked then! Make Zhavi a mysterious angel of light again! I’d personally like a purple and silver look k?

I know it seems silly…but think about this devs. We sit here and stare at our characters for hourse on end day after day. Give us something pretty to look at. Seriously.

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